Sunday, January 16, 2011



Once you know which class you would like to attend, please call me at 019-2424340 or send  an email to  to check on the class availability. If there are still seats available, I will take down your details and tentatively block you a seat. Your seat is ONLY confirmed upon full payment. All seats are allocated based on full payment basis and we strongly encourage early payment to avoid disappointment.  

In every module of NORBAINI CAKES, you will learn different types of cakes. You also will be taught how to make your own fondant, gumpaste and royal icing.

Delicious Cakes Class on 20th January 2011
~ You will learn how to bake these delicious cakes which can be served all year round ~

 1. Steamed Fruitcake
2. Prune Choc Cake
3. Nestum and Date Buttercake
4. California Orange Cheesecake
5. Italian Tiramisu

Fee RM:150

Pastry Basket Class on Wednesday 26th January 2011

You will learn how make pastry baskets and Yummy Fruit Tart.
Fee: RM 180

Pillow Cake - Sunday 30th January 2011

Cake Sculpture ~ pillow cake ~ Learn to sculpt a cake and create 2 tier pillow cake.This is a great class to attend.
Fee : RM350

 Cupcake Hantaran Class Friday 4th February 2011

Here you will learn how to bake butter cake, make your own fondant, and flower paste, how to make rose,ceramic rose,  fabric rose, arum lily, handbag and shoes, sunflower, drapery, border and much more.
Each class is limited to 8 students only 
Fee: RM 150

Fancy Cookies on Saturday 5th February 2011
Learn how to make butter cookies, glaze icing and royal icing. Learn the decorating techniques like flooding outlining cookies as well as stitching, piping embroidery, adding borders, pipin lace, making plunger flower and much more.
Each class is limited to 8 students only 
Fee: RM 150

Sirih Junjung Wedding Cake on 6th February 2011

Fee : RM300

Kebaya Cake Class on Wednesday 9th February 2011

Come and learn how to cover your cake and design it, so it looks like a baju kebaya with the kerawang.
What you will learn : Learn how to make prune cake, fondant and royal icing.

Fee: RM230

Kek Lapis - Saturday 12th February 2011
You will learn the technique on how to layer the kek lapis and design the kek lapis roll(s)

Fee: RM 250

2-Tier Steam Buttercream Class on  Tuesday 15th February 2011

You will learn how to make steam buttercream, how to decorate a cake and learn how to create and design buttercream flowers
Fee: RM250