Sunday, October 28, 2012


Once you know which class you would like to attend, please
  1. SMS me your name and the class and date that you want to attend (my hp no : 019-2424340) or send an email to to check on the class availability. If there are still seats available, I will take down your details and tentatively block you a seat.
  2. Place a deposit of 50% of the price of the class. SMS or call me for the details.
  3. SMS me the receipt no. once again, once the deposit is made.
  4. Class start at 10am
Please note! Preference is on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS only.

3rd Nov 2012 (Sat)
i love BUTTER CAKE Class
Class start : 10am until finish   Fee : RM150

Continental Cake Class Semi Hands-on
On 4th Nov 2012 (Sun) Class start : 10am until finish
 ~ Fee : RM RM180. 1. Russian Black and White 2. Heavenly Caramel
 3. Princess Strawberry Cheese Cake 4. Choc Caramel CLASS START 10AM -5++PM.

Delicious Cupcake Cake (Semi Hands -on)
9th Nov2012 (Fri)  Class start : 10am until finish Fee : RM180 RM RM160

Semi Hands-on Class. 1. Red Velvet Cupcake and Cream Cheese Frosting 2. Black Bottom Cupcake 3. Peanut Butter Cupcake and Peanut Butter Cheese Frosting 4. Carrot Cupcake and Cream Cheese Frosting 5. Fererro Roche Cupcake 6.Brownie Cupcake.  

Temari Cake Class on 10th Nov 2012 (Sat)
Temari Cakes are now a hot new trend! Come and learn how these cute cakes are put together and decorated.
This is a hands-on class and not to be missed!
Class start : 10am until finish   Fee : RM300 (5 designs)

Fancy Cookies Class ~ Hands-on 
11th Nov 2012 (Sun)
Class start : 10am until finish Fee: RM 150

Learn how to make butter cookies, glaze icing and royal icing. Learn the decorating techniques like flooding outlining cookies as well as stitching, piping embroidery, adding borders, piping lace, making  plunger flower and much more.

Cupcake Hantaran Class  
Hands-on ~ 13th Nov 2012 (Tuesday)
Class start : 10am until finish Fee: RM 180
Here you will learn how to bake butter cake, make your own fondant, and flower paste, how to make rose, ceramic rose,  fabric rose, arum lily, handbag and shoes, sunflower, drapery, border and much more. 

Kebaya Cake Class
On 15h Nov 2012(Thursday)
Class start : 10am until finish  Fee: RM280

Come and learn how to cover your cake and design it, so it looks like a baju kebaya with the kerawang. What you will learn : Learn how to make prune cake, fondant and royal icing.

Macaron Class on 17th Nov 2012
semi hands-on
Class start : 10am until finish Fee : RM200

A to Z of these elegant and colourful pastries. The classes start with me showing you exactly how to make the perfect macarons - giving you all the tips and tricks you need to ensure success.  Then it will be time for you to  put your new skills to the test and make some delicious macarons for yourself - homemade by you! The students are divided in to groups and work through the steps from dry ingrediants, to creating the batter, to piping, cooking, and finish with a box of beautiful Macarons to take home.  My classes also include how to make the Macaron's  Fillings. You will learn Choc Macarons with choc Ganache, Strawberry Macarons with Strawberry filling and Salted Caramel Macarons with Salted Caramel Filling. 

Roll Sarawak Class on 18th Nov 2012
                               Class start : 10am until finish  Fee : RM300 (Tools included)
You will learn the technique on how to layer the kek lapis and design the kek lapis roll(s).

(tools included).. for those who have been attended my Kek Lapis Class last month, you will be given RM50 off.

Intensive Buttercream Class (2 days)
On 24th - 25th Nov 2012
Class start : 10am until finish Fee : RM700
Tools included: nozzle, spatula, piping bag, notes
Five cakes to be decorated. You will learn from the basics of piping, basket weave, character cakes (drawings), flowers such as roses, orchids, carnations and many more. You will also learn how to make your buttercream cake smooth, how to make ruffles and borders. Come and join! This is a good class for beginners. This will be a zero to hero class!